L’idea che ha portato alla realizzazione di “Pfooze” è arrivata in occasione di un incontro di Manuel Rickenbach e Rainer von Niederhäusern presso l’Hotel Schwert a Näfels, proprio il giorno in cui le misure di lockdown venivano rese più rigide dalle autorità sanitarie, nel marzo 2020. La situazione ha fatto scaturire un’appassionante ispirazione: così è nato il marchio Pfooze, la bevanda ayurvedica originale svizzera.


I preziosi contenuti vegetali di Pfooze sono pensati per restituire forza ed energia alle parti del corpo che ne hanno bisogno. L’effetto stimolante viene prodotto dall’integrazione di quello che secondo la medicina ayurvedica è l’elemento mancante con i principi attivi secondari delle piante: il dono della natura per noi uomini.

Dopo un anno dedicato alla ricerca e allo sviluppo, come è stato possibile anche grazie allo spazio per la creatività concesso dalle limitazioni ai tempi di COVID19, ora questi straordinari concentrati di energia sono arrivati sugli scaffali di negozi biologici, farmacie e parafarmacie. Pfooze si trova anche sui menu delle attività gastronomiche di alto livello e laddove si dà valore alla salute e al benessere.

Siamo grati di aver avuto la possibilità di trovare e utilizzare i prodotti naturali necessari per la preparazione delle nostre bevande. È un privilegio riuscire a sviluppare un prodotto di consumo di così alto livello, grazie alla collaborazione con l’agenzia di grafica Dänzer Werbung di Thun, con il nostro esperto di marketing e web Cyrill Schwitter e con il nostro esperto di alimentazione Mark Hoffmann di Swiss Drink Innovation GmbH.

Pfooze - The Missing Element. Feel it coming. 


Ayurveda explains health as balance between mental, emotional and physical body. Health is a the balance between our value concepts, our way of implementing them in our actions and their effect on our body.

The mental body

Buddhism and the Vedas speak of the fulfillment of the Dharma. A life according to the principles of cosmic laws. Imbalance, symptoms, illness arise from above. The root cause of all our problems and diseases is the slipping away, deviation from the state of oneness - oneness with the creative power. A slipping away from the principles of cosmic laws. If for example more is grown, produced, and harvested than can grow during a circumnavigation of the sun
Thinking means duality. The word thinking is close to the word thanking. This indicates that thinking has affinity with thanking. Gratitude for something we may not have earned or for a gift. And also for what we have achieved. The mental body suffers when we break away from the balance of cosmic laws and begin to live according to our own laws. When our thinking serves only to pursue and secure our interests. Healing or changes in the mental body are possible through meditation, prayer, through fundamentally changed attitudes in life. Through the reversal of our consciousness away from: my will be done.  Away from duality in the direction of Oneness.

The emotional body

The astral body gives birth to the senses lust, greed, "passions", anger, narrow-mindedness, etc. The beginning of chain reactions of many desires, which multiply further with each fulfilled desire. Desires for relationships, satisfaction, things, power, prestige. We hope to regain in these things our lost identity, our state of oneness. The glassy lake of consciousness, in which no thoughts rise, has turned into turbid, troubled water. Unintentional action (Nishkam Karma) is non-existent. Behind our every action is the motive of gaining a personal advantage. My achievement, my fortune, my country. My religion. My family, my children. My mind. We no longer think out of the box (think-thank) and chain ourselves through our actions into the web of cause and effect, karma, according to our respective geographic origins, religious affiliations and family histories.
The astral body is strengthened and healed by 9 gemstones, which are determined according to the individual horoscope. These are the same 9 gemstones that Paracelsus used in the 16th century. Coral, diamond, emerald, pearl, hessonite (garnet), cat's eye, yellow and blue sapphire. It is the color power and energy of gemstones that put us in a suitable emotion for transformation. Among other things, they cool or warm, promote flow or stop it.

The physical body

The physical body is the venue of the "games" of the emotional and emotional body. The program of our ambitions, desires and ideas from the emotional body increasingly leave their traces in the physical body.The pathology includes whole lexicons of most different symptoms and deformations. The poet Juvenal wrote the sentence : «Mens sana in corpore sano». The whole sentence is: «orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano». «It is desirable when a healthy mind resides in a healthy body». «It is desirable when you live according to the universal laws, although you have «Pfooze», a healthy body». Leading a life in balance and not as an occasion to build an altar for one's own ego.
Depending on the burden or lightness of our deeds, after passing away, an animal, demonic, angelic or a human body is provided again. The Vedas speak of the wheel of rebirths. "Chaurasia", (84) the 8.4Million forms of life.
Ayurveda knows a wide range of methods to strengthen, support the physical body.Breathing exercises, visualizations, hatha yoga, work with sound, syllables and mantras for the respective chakras, massages, fasting cures, dietary methods, flower baths, oil pours, vomiting, enemas, phytotherapy, etc. Healing of the physical body, however, succeeds more extensively and efficiently if the healing methods of the "upper" bodies are applied first.

Humanity is at an interesting juncture today. We are experiencing firsthand how our exercise of the principle "my will be done" is affecting the state of the planet and our society. The ice is melting, the waters are rising. Forests burn and are set on fire with intent. Resources are being plundered. Social peace is in danger, epidemics are forcing us into lockdowns. Mankind is sliding towards an abyss. The «Pfooze» is gone. 
Our body is facing challenges that did not exist in human history until 30 years ago. Just think of the new exposure to wireless radiation. In this situation our immune system needs support from all possible sides. Everything that strengthens us and provides us with more "Pfooze" is necessary and beneficial.

Our contribution

We contribute to this with our "Pfooze Original Swiss Ayurveda" drinks. Our delicious organic energy drinks, full of energizing herbs and nourishing fruits provide our bodies with healthy, extra Pfooze in many ways. The ingredients used have been used in Ayurveda and European herbal medicine since ancient times.

We produce our drinks with care and mindfulness. It is up to each of us to be mindful of ourselves, of the world and its resources with reverence and gratitude. Transformation begins with us and within us.
A part of our proceeds goes as a thank you to our student fund in India. We support socially disadvantaged children in their education.


- Rainer von Niederhäusern, CEO




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